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Our Planning Process

DMJ Wealth Advisors Approach to Financial Planning

At DMJ Wealth Advisors, we understand that successful people desire more from a Wealth Management firm than simply accumulating more wealth. They desire to manage their wealth in a meaningful way, which focuses on what is most important to them. Your priorities may be family oriented, multi-generational, and supportive of your community or your faith. You may have passions which are reflective of your life journey.

Regardless, DMJ Wealth Advisors understands that your desired approach and our solutions should be tailored to your priorities. There is no place for cookie cutter plans or off the shelf solutions. There is value in the design of a plan that is truly supportive of where you are today and the direction you desire for the future. Dedication to this form of comprehensive wealth management is what separates DMJ Wealth Advisors from firms, which simply provide investment advice. 

We develop personalized plans designed to meet multiple financial objectives in an efficient manner.  Our Five-Step Process ensures that each clients' Financial Plan is based on their unique life situations and goals. 

Through scenario planning you will be offered a glimpse of how your decisions might impact your lifestyle, future generations, estate plan, or charitable interests, many years into the future. In addition, we can help you explore the balance between risk, reward, taxes, and liquidity through conceptually evaluating the impact of different allocation approaches using historical model returns. 

  • Customized “LIVE” financial plan that is updated daily and personalized for each family. Client’s portal access is secure and available to family 24/7, with online vault document storage.
  • Disciplined investment portfolios driven by the financial plan.
  • Engage institutional managers and portfolios, which are designed to address the changing market conditions in relation to the client’s stated goals.
  • Meetings are scheduled 1-3 times annually to allow for effective communication and ongoing evaluation of the plan.
  • Financial plan may also include Estate Planning discussion, insurance review. 


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